Best Bicep Exercise

People often ask me, what is the best bicep exercise? And I tell them, the best bicep exercise is the standing bicep curl. Why do I think this is the best best bicep exercise? Let me explain...

There are a few key factors that make the barbell curl the best bicep exercise. The first is the range of motion. For a bicep exercise to be labelled the best bicep exercise it must have a full range of motion. This means your arm goes from being fully extended to fully curled. It's this full range that gives your bicep muscles the best workout.

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Aside from having a good range of motion, another point about the range of motion that makes the standing barbell curl the best bicep exercise is that you can adjust your range of motion easily to target your weak points in the exercise.

Best Bicep Exercise
Best bicep exercise - standing curl
But probably the most important factor that makes the barbell curl the best bicep exercise is the amount of weight you can work with. To put it simply, the heavier weights you lift the stronger you become and the faster your bicep muscle grows. The standing bicep curl allows you to stack up heavy weights for low reps and big muscle gains.

Most bodybuilders will agree with me when I say the barbell curl is the best bicep exercise. You can learn how to correctly execute a barbell curl in our bicep curl section. Even though this is the best bicep exercise, you still have to use it in conjunction with other bicep exercises for a complete bicep workout. See our bicep workout page for some good bicep building workouts.

Best bicep exercise

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