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Today we're going to discuss bicep building. We will look at big bicep building exercises, bicep building tips and techniques, beating a plateau and finally have a look at bicep building workouts.

Let's face it, every guy wants big bicep muscles and you aren't going to get them without bicep building! For years bodybuilders, athletes and powerlifters have tried to find the ultimate bicep building exercises and bicep building routines. So what have we leant from these guys? There is no ultimate bicep building routine, everyone is different. But there are some constants, some bicep building techniques that will help everyone build bigger bicep muscles. Let's start with the big bicep building exercises.

Big bicep building exercises

The standing barbell bicep curl is no doubt the undisputed king of bicep building exercises! This is because you can really stack on heavy weights, and you can get a spotter to assist you to push out even more! This is the #1 bicep building exercise. But, you can increase the power of the bicep building exercise by making it a superset! Try doing 10reps standing bicep barbell curl, then immediately after you finish switch to seated incline bench bicep dumbell curls for 6-8reps. This is my bicep building routine opener, my biggest bicep exercise.

Other big bicep building exercises are the preacher curl, seated dumbell concentration curl, incline dumbell curl and bicep hammer curl. I use at least 4 of these bicep building exercises in my bicep building workout, along with my first superset of bicep barbell curls. Like I mentioned earlier, what bicep building exercises work for you may not work for the next guy. Generally the best bicep building exercises are those with heavy weights, so if you're only doing 2 bicep building exercises in your routine, stick with the standing bicep barbell curl and preacher curl.

Bicep building tips and advice

My #1 bicep building tip is use strict form in all bicep building exercises! Don't cheat! You must control the weight throughout the entire movement. Don't swing your body to get the weight up. Take some weight off the bar, use strict form, and you will build bigger bicep muscles. It's as simple as that! Another bicep building tip is always start your bicep building workouts with your biggest bicep exercise. You have the most energy at the beginning of your bicep building workout, so use it on your biggest exercise. This is why I start my bicep building workout with the standing barbell curl/seated dumbell curl superset.

Beating a bicep building plateau

Somewhere along the line in your bicep building workouts you're going to hit a plateau. A plateau is that stage where you don't seem to be able to build your muscles anymore and you are not getting any good strength gains. It is possible to beat a bicep building plateau, all pro bodybuilders would have done it at some stage in their training.

The way to beat a bicep building plateau is to shock your bicep muscles into growth. You can do this using a number of techniques. First, change the days of your bicep building workout around. Second, try changing your exercise order. And third, change your bicep building exercises completely. There are dozens of bicep building exercises, swap and change them around and your bicep muscles won't know what hit them! The key is to shock your bicep muscles into growth!

Bicep building workouts

The team here at eBicep often get asked, what is the best bicep building workout? And the truth is, there is no best bicep building workout that works for everyone. Once you are an experienced trainer, you will know which bicep building workouts and which bicep building exercises work best for you personally.

The eBicep team has created a 24 week bicep building workout program. The program is suited to beginner through to advanced trainer. We recommend you try our bicep building workouts for yourself. You can view out bicep building workouts on our bicep workout page.

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