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Welcome to the bicep exercise page. On this page we will be discussing how choosing the right bicep exercise can help you build up your bicep muscles fast. We have all the best bicep exercise guides on this site. So once you have finished here and learnt about bicep exercise, you can read our guides on how to correctly execute each bicep exercise.

First we'll look at the best bicep exercise for building bulk bicep muscle, the standing bicep curl. Through personal experience and the experience of other bodybuilders, we found that for fast bicep growth and strength the standing bicep curl is the ultimate bicep exercise. You should always use this bicep exercise at the beginning of your bicep workout. This is because you should need the most energy to lift as heavy as possible. You can learn how to do this bicep exercise on our bicep curl page.


Now let's take a look at the dumbell bicep exercise, the dumbell curl and hammer curl. These two type of bicep exercise are ideal for isolating each bicep muscle and ensuring that they are both working as hard as each other (in most guys, the right arm tends to do more work in the barbell bicep exercise). You can do the dumbell bicep exercise in either a standing position or on a bench. You can use an incline bench to really hit your bicep muscle hard! For more info on the dumbell bicep exercise see our dumbell curl and hammer curl sections.

And now my personal favorite bicep exercise, the preacher curl. In this bicep exercise you sit on a bench with your arms over a bench thats on a 45 degree angle. You start with your arms fully extended and bring the weight towards you. What makes this bicep exercise so effective, is that your bicep muscles are completely isolated - they're doing all the work! Great for building mass and strength on your biceps. To learn more about this bicep exercise, see our preacher curl section.

Our final bicep exercise, the cable curl. The cable machine can be used like a barbell bicep curl (standing), a single are curl or a concentration curl (sitting). The Cable curl is the ideal bicep exercise for the second part of a superset. A standing barbell bicep curl coupled with a cable makes a solid superset for building mass on your bicep muscles! For more information on this bicep exercise, see our cable curls section.

Learn correct technique with eBicep's bicep exercise guides:

Choosing the right bicep exercise order

The general rule in choosing the right bicep exercise order for your workout is to do the biggest bicep exercise sets first. This means the standing barbell curl bicep exercise first, followed by your other bicep exercises. I like to start my bicep exercise routine off with a big 5 set superset using the standing barbell curl and the seated dumbell curl.

This is my biggest bicep exercise set, and I have the most energy at the start of my workout so I really hit my bicep muscles hard with this one! To learn more abut a specific bicep exercise, choose an exercise from the left menu.

Bicep Exercise

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