Bicep Muscle

Bicep Muscle Diagram
Your bicep muscle. The page is to help you learn more about your bicep muscle. The more you know about how your bicep muscle works, the more you can build it up! If you're looking for pictures of the bicep muscle, go to our bicep picture gallery page.

Your bicep muscle (shown on the diagram in green) is responsible for moving your hand towards your shoulder. The bicep muscle actually consists of 3 muscles. They are the biceps brachii (main bicep muscle), brachialis (the outside bicep muscle) and brachioradialis (the connector muscle between the main bicep and the forearm muscle).

Most of the bicep muscle exercises on eBicep will hit all 3 of the bicep muscles. Some bicep exercises will hit some areas of the bicep muscle harder than others. For exmaple, the reverse barbell curl will hit the brachioradialis much harder than the other 2 muscles.

Because of the way the bicep muscle works, you don't really have to worry about planning your bicep building routine to hit all 3 muscles. Some lifters swear that if you change your grip on the bar you're curling you can target the inner and outer bicep muscle, but the truch is, you will notice an difference at all.

All bicep curling exercises will hit the 3 muscles enough for you to really build strength and size to your bicep muscles. We reccommend that you try our big muscle building Bicep workout routines. We have bicep muscle building routines for all levels of development.

Bicep Training Pic

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