Bicep Pain

This article is about bicep pain. I'll cover the common causes of bicep pain, different areas of bicep pain and what you should do if you experience bicep pain of any kind. Bicep pain can be serious, so make sure you read and follow the advice in this article.

Bicep pain causes

Bicep pain is comes in two forms. Bicep pain from a muscle strain or tear and bicep pain from bicep tendonitis. Bicep pain from muscle strain is caused by the bicep muscle being put under too much pressure. This bicep pain could come while lifting a fridge, or training your bicep muscles without a proper warm up. This type bicep pain is easily avioded by warming up properly in the gym and knowing your limits when lifting and straining your bicep muscles.

Bicep pain tendonitis is caused by repetition. Tennis elbow is a good example of this type of bicep pain. Anyone who uses their bicep muscle to do repeated exercises can suffer from bicep tendonitis. From golfers, to tennis players, and bodybuilders - they can all get bicep pain of this kind.

Bicep pain in the shoulder

Bicep pain in the upper bicep (connecting to the shoulder) is usually due to arthritic problems. This type of bicep pain is common amoungst older men, not athletes. Bicep pain in the shoulder is uncommon in men under 35 and non-existant in women.

Bicep pain in the elbow

Bicep pain in the elbow area of the bicep is cause by excessive strain. This is the bicep pain you will experience in the gym or when lifting a fridge. This type of bicep pain can be serious depending on the bicep injury. When your bicep is under pressure you will hear a pop, followed by bicep pain in the area and then within a few hours bruising. Your bicep muscle will be "sticking up" because it has torn away from the bone. This is commonly referred to as "popeye muscle". This type of bicep pain can be extermely serious, and may require surgery. Keep reading for what to do if your experience bicep pain of this kind.

Bicep pain - tendonitis

As I mentioned earlier, bicep pain through bicep tendonitis is cause by repetitive use of the bicep muscle. Bicep pain of this kind could just feel like an annoying tightness in your arm, or could hurt so musch you can't lift your arm. Bicep pain tendonitis will generally be felt all the time, not just when you're working your bicep muscle hard. To prevent this type of bicep pain you usually need to quit the exercise that's causing it. This is not always an option for professional athletes. There are methods to reduce your bicep pain, consult your doctor.

What to do if you experience bicep pain

The best advice I can give if you have any kind of bicep pain, see a doctor immediately! Serious bicep tears may require surgery and if bicep pain tendonitis is left it can become debilitating. Don't take any chances with bicep pain, it may be fine, but it may not. Don't take the chance!

There are ways you can beat bicep pain tendonitis. But you must ask your doctor. Some methods are suitable for some people and not to others. You must never ignore bicep pain and keep working out. Remember, bicep pain is serious - even if it doesn't hurt that much.

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