Bicep Tendon Injury

A bicep tendon injury occurs when the bicep muscle is torn away from the joint. A bicep tendon injury can occur in either the shoulder (top of the bicep muscle) or elbow (bottom end of the bicep muscle). I bicep tendon injury can occur when a person puts excess stress on their bicep muscle that the miscle is not ready to handle. In a general case, a bicep tendon injury will occur when a man attempts to lift a fridge after watching the TV. In a bodybuilding case, a bicep tendon injury will occur when too much weight is used and the bicep muscle has not been warmed up correctly.
There are some simple steps you can take to ensure that you don't get a bicep tendon injury. First, always warm up your bicep muscles fully before attempting and heavy bicep building routine. Second, always use strict form with all your bicep exercises. And third, know your limits and don't lift weights you can't handle. Simple.

ruptured bicep pics
A normal bicep
a ruptured bicep
A bicep tendon injury

The above picture shows a bicep tendon injury at the top of the bicep muscle. This type of bicep tendon injury is more common amoungst elderly men. Weight trainers and bodybuilders are more likely to get a bicep tendon injury at the bottom of the arm (around the elbow). These bicep tendon injuries are a direct result of too musch pressure on the bicep muscle.

How do you know if you have a bicep tendon injury? The bicep tendon injury usually occurs when your arm is fully extended at it's weakest point. You will hear a "pop" sound followed by sharp pains in the area. You will have trouble extending your arm. In about 6-24 hours the bicep tendon injury will be surrounded by bruising.

So I have a bicep tendon injury, what do I do now? If you have a bicep tendon injury you must see a sports doctor immediately! Do not keep working out on a bicep tendon injury, the pain will not just go away! Some bicep tendon injuries may require surgery, so you can see how serious a bicep tendon injury can be. Even if you are unsure that you have a bicep tendon injury, see your doctor anyway - it's better to be safe than sorry!

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bicep tendon injury

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