Bicep Tendonitis

Bicep tendonitis starts as a small pain in your joint, but can develop into a serious and debilitating bice injury. Bicep tendonitis develops in people that do repetitive arm flexing (like bicep curls, or playing tennis). There is no cure for bicep tendonitis, although in serious bicep tendonitis cases, surgery is required.

Do I have bicep tendonitis?

So how do I know if I have bicep tendonitis? When you work your bicep muscles you will feel joint pain, this is the first stage of bicep tendonitis. This pain might only be slight, but constant. The bicep tendonitis pain will stay with you even when you have finished your bicep workout. As bicep tendonitis develops further, the muscles tear more, and the pain gets worse.

What do I do about bicep tendonitis?

So what do I do about my bicep tendonitis? Firstly, if you suspect you have bicep tendonitis you must see a sports doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will probably advise you to stop weight lifting, so as not to make your bicep tendonitis worse. You may also be given a topical medicated cream and may be offered surgery (only in serious bicep tendonitis cases).

Can I continue my routine with bicep tendonitis?

If you're a bodybuilder, you're not going to want to stop training because of your bicep tendonitis. You can keep training your bicep muscles, but you will have to make some changes to your bicep workout.

You can still your bicep muscles when you have bicep tendonitis. There are a few things you'll need to do. First, you need to use strict bicep exercise form in all your exercises. Second, use a spotter to help you get more weight up on those bicep curls. And third, don't do concentration bicep curls or preacher curls when you have bicep tendonitis.

Don't start your new bicep routine until your bicep tendonitis pain is gone. Your bicep muscles will be much weaker, and you have to start with very, very light weights. Always consult your sports doctor before proceeding with an bicep routine after bicep tendonitis.

Can bicep tendonits be healthed without seeing a doctor?

Yes, in most cases if you stop doing bicep exercises as soon as you feel the tendonitis start and get an adequate amount of rest the tendonitis symptoms will subside. It's very important that you don't go straight back into training.

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