Bicep Training

Welcome to the bicep training page. Here we will be looking at different aspects of bicep training that you will need to know about in order to build up strength and size in your bicep muscles. We are not going to go into bicep workouts, but focus on bicep training techniques and things you need to know to get the best results from your bicep training.

Bicep training schedule

Putting some thought into your bicep training schedule will maximize results and minimize the chance of muscle damage. The day which you do your bicep training should not be within 48 hours on when you do your back training. Your bicep muscles are used as secondary muscles in every back exercise. So putting you back and bicep training routines close together does not make sense!

Exercise order in bicep training

Another important factor to consider in bicep training, is the order of bicep exercises. Always start your bicep training with your biggest bicep exercise. For me this is the dumbell curl. You have the most energy at the start of your bicep training session, so it makes sense to do you biggest heaviest muscle building sets first.

Bicep training with other muscle groups

There is much debate about which muscle group is best to group with your bicep training. Most bodybuilders say bicep training works best with your back muscles or your chest muscles. I now do my bicep training on a seperate day, but I used to do my bicep training with my chest workout. The reason why I went with the chest is because you don't use your bicep muscles at all for any chest exercises. This allows me to fully work my bicep muscles during my bicep training without them being pre-exhausted with other exercises.

Using correct form in your bicep training

I can not tell you how important this is in your bicep training! You must use correct form for every rep in every bicep exercise! The bicep exercises are specifically designed to isolate and target your bicep muscles, if you use poor form you are cheating and robbing your biceps muscles of the training they deserve!

Bicep Training Pic

If you are looking for some good bicep training routines, head to our bicep workout page. We have bicep training routines to suit the beginner right through to the advanced weight trainer. Work hard! and enjoy our bicep training routines!