Operation Wolf: Bulging Bicep Muscles!

Operation Wolf: Bulging bicep muscles. This article is about my long time friend Robert "The Wolf" Peterson and how he worked his bicep muscles from thin "wire like" muscles to big bulging bicep muscles. Recently we met up and went over what he calls his "bulging bicep workout". He had some interesting things to say about his bicep workout and how he achieved such well developed bicep muscles in such a short time. Now I'm going to share this information with the readers of eBicep.com!

Jay Cuttler - Bulging Bicep Muscles

OK, I'll start by looking at looking at the Rob's background and his bulging bicep workout. Before starting his "bulging bicep workout" Rob had be training for about 1.5 years on and off. During that time he had gained about 12kg (26.8lbs) of muscle, but most of this muscle gain was on large muscle like the upper legs, glutes and chest. He wanted to add size to his bicep muscles to keep them in proportion with his other upper body muscles.

After talking with personal trainers, researching online and getting advice from expenienced muscle builders Rob designed his "bulging bicep workout". The bulging bicep workout was geared to hit the biceps really hard, once per week. Rob's bulging bicep workout takes about 1 hour to complete. Here's the workout:

Now let's analyze Rob's bulging bicep workout. Rob told me that his bulging bicep workout has 2 distinct parts. First we have 3 biggest and heaviest muscle building exercises: barbell curl, preacher curl and cable curl. Then we have the lighter concentration exercises: dumbell curl and concentration curl. Rob made the point that to vary his workout and shock his bicep muscles into bulging up he changed the order of the exercises, but never did the concentration exercises first. This is very important point, you don't want to tire out your bicep muscle on the lighter exercises first.

Rob always started his bulging bicep workout with a huge pyramid set of standing bicep curls. Rob knows this is the bicep building exercise that's really going to hit the biceps so he concentrated on slow weight movement and very strict form. Starting out at about 70% of his bicep curl 1 rep max, Rob would do 10 strict reps on the first set. Working his way up to 1 rep, and max weight by the 5th set, and back down to about 60% for the final set of the pyramid.

With the assistance of a spotter, Rob started his preacher curls with a heavy sey of 4. He then took off 2.5kg (6lbs) for each additional set, but increased the reps by 2. So by the 5th set Rob was lifting 10kgs (22lbs) lighter but doing a set of 12 reps. To keep his muscles building Rob said "Every 4th week I used to mix things up a little. I didn't want to hit a plateau, so I always looked for ways to vary my bulging bicep workout. I found that using dumbells on the preacher bench was an awesome way to add variety to the ol' preacher curl!". I agree fully, and use the same technique in my bicep workouts.

Now it was onto the final big bulging bicep exercise, the cable curl. Basically Rob said he just used to load it up and lift the heaviest weight possible for 8 strict reps. "After 2 big exercises, your biceps will be feeling it. I just go for as much weight as possible, dig the elbows into my sides and look for 8 strict reps". Notice he's focusing on technique. Correct bicep exercise technique is what is going to give you those bulging biceps - don't cheat yourself, stay strict.

For further add variety, Rob did different variations of the dumbell bicep curl each week. He said "Not only should you vary your bicep workout to beat a plateau, but it also keeps your workout from getting repetitive and boring!". Rob used the standing bicep curl, seated bicep curl, hammer curl, and incline seated bicep curl in his bulging bicep workout. Rob mentions technique again "I see so many guys with bad dumbell curling technique. If you cant lift the weight, drop down a few kilos. You will gain more muscle by doing strict lighter sets than heavy cheat sets".

To finish up Rob chose the concentration curl for his bulging bicep workout. "This exercise fully isolates the biceps. I am not lifting heavy weights at all, but by the 5th rep my bicep muscle is burning like hell!". Rob did the standard concentration curl one week, and the hammer concentration curl the other week. Another simple variation technique.

My conclusion. Rob's "bulging bicep workout" is a solid bicep workout for lifters on any level. Once my 8 week bicep workout is finished I'll give giving it a try. Rob is doing everything right in this workout. He is 100% focused on using strict form on every exercise, he does the heavy muscle building exercises at the beginning of his workout and he varies he workout and exercises to keep himself from hitting a plateau. It's also worth mentioning that Rob was on a muscle building diet while doing his "bulging bicep workout". He was eating loads of protein, carbs and vitamins. He was also using whey protein supplements after his workout and before bed. You will not achieve big gains unless you are feeding your muscles with the right fuel! I'd like to thank Rob for allowing me to publish his workout!

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