How to get big biceps!

Ah, the age old question - how to get big biceps? If I had a penny for every time some asked me how do I get big biceps I would be a rich man! Today I'm going to tell you how to get big biceps, in 5 steps. My "how to get big biceps" advice is not specific to any person or body type, it can work on all guys!

Following the advice, exercises guides and workouts on eBicep you can get big biceps! But you have to remember, it's not going to be easy! No one ever said it was going to be easy. At the end of the day it's all up to you. You can read all day about how to get big biceps but it's the hours in the gym and the hard work you put in that will really give you big biceps!

How to get big biceps step 1:- Eat Big!

In order to get big biceps, you need to eat big. This means eat everything! Your body needs to have an excess of calories each day before you can start to build muscle. Make sure you eat lots of protein (meat, eggs and fish) and lots of carbs (brown bread, brown rice and potatos). Protein is what makes up your muscles, and you need a lot of it to actually build muscle. Eat as much protein as you can.

To really get big biceps, make sure you either have a protein shake (a protein drink) or a good meal after your biceps workout. This is when your bicep muscles are repairing and need the nutrients. Also, make sure you eat before you go to bed. Most of actual muscle building happens while you are asleep.

How to get big biceps step 2:- Lift Heavy!

One of the biggest mistakes I see lifters making when trying to get big biceps is doing to may sets and way to many reps. If you want to get strong and big biceps, you need to lift heavy weights at low reps. When I say low, I mean anything from 2 to 8, depending on the exercise. Most of my biceps exercises are arounf 4 to 8. I like to load up heavy on the big exercises like barbell bicep curl, chin up and preacher curl. Take this one step further by using a spotter to help you puch out really heavy sets.

How to get big biceps step 3:- Rest Up!

Most people are surprised when they ask me how to get big biceps and I tell them to get plenty of rest. Like I mentioned earlier in this article, most of your muscle building is done in your sleep. So if you want to get big biceps, get plenty of sleep (9 hours would be good, but 8 is fine). Also try to limit your cardio to 1-2 workouts per week. When you're training your biceps, cut out the cardio. Don't train your biceps then hit the treadmill for an hour afterwards. How to get big biceps? Work hard, rest hard.

How to get big biceps step 4:- Mix It Up!

Feel like no matter how many hours you spend building your biceps you just can't seem to lift and heavier and get any bigger? You've hit a plateau. It happens to every lifter at some stage. This is why you need to vary your biceps workouts and shock your muscles into growth! See, you muscles tend to get "used" to the biceps training exercises. So you need to change you biceps workout every 2 - 3 months, change the day you work your biceps and change the order in which you do your biceps exercises. This will definately help you to get big biceps!

How to get big biceps step 5:- Train smarter!

To get big biceps, you need to put some thought into your biceps routine. Here are my tips to trian smarter: Only train your biceps once per week and hit them with 5 different exercises, train your back at least 48 hours before/after your biceps (because the biceps are secondary muscles in back exercises), never train your biceps if they are still sore from the last workout and always do the biggest and heaviest biceps exercises in your routine first (bicep curl, chin up, preacher curl).

Apply my "how to get big biceps" to your bicep routine and you'll notice the difference! Remember, you only get out what you put in! Work hard in the gym, rest hard and build bigger biceps!

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