How to measure your biceps

Lately I have had a few people ask me how to measure bicep muscles so I thought I'd write an article about it. There seems to be quite a bit of confusion about how to measure your biceps, which part of the biceps to measure, do you flex your biceps? I am going to show you how to measure your biceps the "official" way - the way bodybuilders do it.

What do you need to measure your biceps? You need a seamless tape measure (the same type of tape measure a tailor would use). And preferably you need someone else to do the measuring.

OK, now let's measure your biceps. Obviously you want to measure the highest peak on the bicep muscle and the lowest peak on the tricep muscle. You start with your arm fully extended and wrap the tape measure around it. Now make a fist and tense your biceps and triceps as hard as you can. Take the measurement from the biggest point in your upper arm.

How to measure your biceps
How to measure your biceps

I suggest you measure your biceps a few times to make sure you have the measurement correct. And that's it, that's how to measure your biceps! Read more articles about building bigger biceps in our bicep articles section.

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