Preacher Curl

If you've never done a preacher curl beware, your biceps will hurt! The preacher curl is a variation of the barbell bicep curl that you do sitting on a preacher curl bench (pictured below). The preacher curl bench helps to isolate your bicep muscles for maximum muscle and strength growth. You can use a barbell or dumbell (single arm) for the preacher curl, but I'm going to focus on the barbell preacher curl.

Why use the preacher curl in your bicep routine? There are two reasons. First, good bicep muscle isolation. The design of the preacher curl bench allows your bicep muscles to be isolated throughout the whole movement. This means while doing the preacher curl your biceps are responsible for the work, not your other muscles.

Second, you can lift heavy weights. Some people find that they can almost lift as much on the preacher curl bench as they can in a standing bicep curl. Heavy weights equals stronger and more developed bicep muscles. The preacher curl allows you to stack up some heavy weights and bust out small sets. This will help you grow big biceps.

Preacher Curl Bench
Preacher Curl Bench

How to do a preacher curl

Preacher curl setup: Select the right weight for your preacher curl. Sit on the preacher curl bench and rest the backs of your arms on the pad. The seat should be adjusted so that the top of the pad is close to your underarms.

Preach curl execution: Grasp the bar at about shoulder width apart. Slowly curl the bar up until your forearms are pointing towards the ceiling (slightly more than vertical). Pause for a second, and lower the bar to the starting position.

Preacher curl 1

Preacher curl 2

Tips for the preacher curl

The beaulty of the preacher curl bench is that it forces you to use correct technique. You should make sure the seat on the preacher curl bench is adjusted correctly (mentioned above). If you have the seat to high you will lean into your preacher curls and this is stealing the work away from your bicep muscles.

For maximum muscle growth with the preacher curl, use heavy weights! Lower the number of reps down and increase the weight. The preacher curl is a good bicep exercise for big weights because the preacher curl bench forces strict technique.

If you find on bicep is weaker than the other, use the preacher curl with dumbells to equal out your bicep muscle strength. Do alternate preacher curls, and always do the same number of reps for each arm - even it it's too easy for one arm.

We use the preacher curl in all of our bicep workout routines.

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