Reverse Barbell Curl

Reverse Barbell Curl
Reverse barbell curl exercise works both the bicep and forearm muscles. I use the reverse barbell curl as a support exercise at the end of my bicep workout. The reverse barbell curl is good for building strength in both your forearms and biceps. If you have strong forearms you can bicep curl more weight, and pack on more muscle, so reverse bicep curls are a must in your bicep workout.

What use reverse barbell curl? Like I just mentioned the main use for the reverse barbell curl is to hit your forearms as well as your bicep muscles. Your forearms are worked in every bicep exercise, but the reverse grip on the reverse barbell curl hits them even harder!

When to use the reverse barbell curl. You should only use the reverse barbell curl towards the end of your bicep routine. This is because you don't want to wear out your forearms at the start of your workout because you won't be able to lift as heavy for the rest of your session. Let's look at how to do a reverse barbell curl correctly.

Reverse Barbell Curl

How to do a reverse barbell curl

Reverse barbell curl setup: Grip the EZ bar at about shoulder width with your palms facing towards you. Stand straight up with your back straight and your mid section tensioned up.

Reverse barbell curl execution: Keep your elbows tucked into your sides, curl the bar up towards the top of your chest. At the top of the reverse barbell curl your forearms should be at about 90 degrees from the floor. Pause, slowly lower the barbell back down.

Reverse curl 1

Reverse curl 2

Tips for the reverse barbell curl

Always use an EZ bar for the reverse barbell curl. The EZ bar puts much less strain on your wrists throughout the movement.

Make the reverse barbell curl your last bicep exercise. As we mentioned before, the reverse barbell curl hits your forearms hard and you don't want to wear them out at the beginning of your bicep workout.

Focus on correct reverse barbell curl technique, no the amount of weight your lifting. This is another one of those bicep exercises that will benefit your muscles more if you focus on correct technique and not weight.

We use reverse barbell curls in our bicep workout routines.

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