Ruptured Bicep

A ruptured bicep occurs when the bicep muscle is subject to excess strain or heavy weight. With bodybuilders, the ruptured bicep is most likely to be at the elbow end of the bicep muscle. A ruptured bicep can occur at the shoulder end of your bicep muscle, but that's more common in elderly men, not bodybuilders.

A ruptured bicep will make you bicep look like a "popeye muscle". This means you will have a large bulge in the center of your bicep. The ruptured bicep is usually surrounded by bruising as well. If you have a major ruptured bicep you will lose the ability to bend your arm at the elbow.

What causes a ruptured bicep?

Since we are focusing on bodybuilders, a ruptured bicep is usually caused by lifting heavy weights while doing bicep curls on a bicep muscle that has not been warmed up correctly. The rupturing of the bicep muscle usually occurs when the arm is fully extended (it's weakest point) and under considerable load. A common bicep exercise that causes a ruptured bicep is the preacher curl.

ruptured bicep pics
A normal bicep
a ruptured bicep
A ruptured bicep

How to prevent a ruptured bicep

Preventing a ruptured bicep is simple, and if more lifters trained correctly there would not be so many ruptured bicep injuries! First, you have to warm up your bicep muscles completely before lifting any weights. To prevent a ruptured bicep warm up your bicep muscles for at least 5-10 minutes on a rowing machine followed by 40-50 barbell curls with no weight on the bar.

Second, use strict form in all your bicep exercises. Generally, if you form is bad you are trying to lift too heavy weights. Lose some weight, use strict form and not only will your build more bicep muscle byt you will have less chance of getting a ruptured bicep.

And third, know your limits. Don't lift weights that you can't handle. If you want to push yourself a bit harder, train with a spotter.

What to do if your have a ruptured bicep

If you have a ruptured bicep muscle you must see a sports doctor immediately! Do not keep working out on a ruptured bicep, the pain will not just go away! Some ruptured bicep muscles may require surgery, so you can see how serious a ruptured bicep can be. Even if you are unsure that you have a ruptured bicep, see your doctor anyway - it's better to be safe than sorry!

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